What are FES's hours of operation?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM but you can usually catch 
someone here until at least 7:00PM

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Does FES stay abreast of the latest engineering technologies?

Fes utilizes the latest computer hardware and software products for efficient communications, 
project administration and plan preparation.  By utilizing these technologies it is possible to
efficiently explore multiple design options.

Design plans are prepared utilizing AutoCAD Land Development Desktop combined with the
Civil and Survey design add-ons.

Construction plans are produced on HP DesignJet plotters and HP LaserJet printers.  Exact 
half-scale plans may be printed on 11" x 17" paper for economical and convenient review sets.

The office is networked to a Windows 2000 Server.  All workstations have a direct Internet 
connection and utilize e-mail to correspond with clients, review agencies and sub-consultants.

Is there a simple definition  for a civil engineer?

A civil engineer is generally responsible for designing infrastructure.


What kind of land development projects does FES get involved in?

Schools and colleges, parks, recreation facilities, public use areas, housing, municipal, commercial
office and retail locations, industrial usage, resorts, and their associated infrastructure.

Clients look to land development professionals for technical guidance, assistance with meeting
government regulations, and the proper execution of their projects.


What's the demand for civil engineers?

There are studies that have announced shortages in graduating civil engineering students for
years.  But the market is very strong and continues to be so for civil engineers.


Are there any ethical issues in the civil engineering field?

You always have to use your judgment.  The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE),
 www.asce.org, has a code of ethics that applies to civil engineering. The health and welfare
of the public are foremost and paramount to everything we do because the public uses what
we design.


Is FES's price structure competitive and reasonable?

Absolutely. However, clients look for value in what they buy because they want to sell that
same value to their customers. FES is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a project's quality,
to put in the hours necessary to meet deadlines, and not be fully satisfied with the results until the
client is satisfied. But the consultant also should be fully and appropriately compensated for
providing those value-added services.


When phoning FES will I get launched into an impersonal maze of voice-mail options?

No. There is nothing like the sound of a real person at the end of the line or someone willing
to take just a couple of minutes at the end of the day to answer a question or track down some


Is FES alert for opportunities to be creative and help bring about new projects for our

Yes, we owe it to our communities to make them as attractive and livable as possible, and we
owe it to ourselves to be a part of the process that achieves those goals.